Gnolls / Goblins - FTG Fantasy Tribe (solid base)

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The original Citadel FTG Fantasy Tribes Gnolls line was later released as Fantasy Tribe Goblins and then went on to become the C12 Great Goblins. The purpose of this page is to show images of the figures only seen as drawings in the C12 sections of The First Citadel Compendium and to add to the group shot of some of the Fantasy Tribe Goblins and a few variants at The Stuff of Legends with the calvary photos here.

FTG1 Gnoll / Goblin with Pole Arm

FTG2 Gnoll / Goblin attacking with Hand Weapons

FTG3 Gnoll / Goblin standing with Hand Weapons

FTG4 Gnoll / Goblin Chieftain

FTG5 Gnoll / Goblin Standard Bearer

FTG6 Great Gnoll / Goblin Halbardier

FTG7 Great Gnoll / Goblin with Hand Weapons

FTG8 Great Gnoll / Goblin on Giant Boar

FTG9 Gnoll / Goblin on Giant Boar

FTG10 Two Drunken Gnolls / Goblins

FTG11 Female Gnoll / Goblin

FTG12 Gnoll / Goblin Children

FTG13 Gnoll / Goblin Chieftain's Chariot, with 4 crew, pulled by 2 giant boars

FTG14 Gnorman the Gnoll (aka Gilbert the Goblin)

FTG15 Goblin Priest with mace

FTG16 Goblin with Short Sword and Shield

FTG17 Goblin Archer

FTG18 Goblin with Halberd and Shield

FTG19 Lancer on Giant War Boar

C12 Goblins Gnolls shown as line drawings at The Stuff of Legends