Norse Dwarfs

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The Norse Dwarf line was originally listed as a group of 16 individually-named figures in White Dwarf magazine #90, June 1987. The range was expanded with 31 additional figures published along with the Norse army list in White Dwarf magazine #107, November 1988. The expanded line of Norse Dwarfs included figures that had previously been part of the C06 slottabased Dwarf range and other Perry Brothers Dwarf lines as well as new purely Norse Dwarf figures sculpted for the Norse range (most of which say "NORSE" on their slotta tabs). The range was further expanded a final time with 5 additional figures sculpted by Colin Dixon. Many of the Dwarf figures in the Perry Brothers Norse Dwarf range come in alternate versions with variant heads. Alternates are shown below in their own right because most of them had their own individual code numbers.

Perry Brothers D2 Norse Dwarfs 1987

Perry Brothers Norse Dwarfs 1988

Colin Dixon Norse Dwarfs - Released in White Dwarf 133