Tallarn Desert Raiders

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This page is part of the Imperial Guard 1994 to 2000 - Collectors Guide



Rough Riders

Assault Weapons

Heavy Weapons

The heavy bolter gunner body is interchangeable with that for the autocannon. The gunner legs are the same for both heavy weapons.

The autocannon loader figure requires comment. Loader 1 as shown below is the figure as depicted in UK catalogues from 1995/6 to 2004 and in the USA 2004/5 Catalogue. This figure has never been sighted 'in the metal'. Loader 2 is the released version which has never been shown in the catalogues except in the USA 1997 Catalogue. It will be noted it differs from the version shown in all the other catalogues by there being no rags wrapped around the barrel and an ammunition pouch under the right arm.

Limited Edition

A selection of the Tallarn figures were released in 2006 in Limited Edition packs. The figures are identical to the standard release figures - it is only the packaging which is different.