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image:Uthmog1.jpg|Uthmog Elvenblade
image:Uthmog1.jpg|Uthmog Elvenblade
image:bb1.jpg|Hirst Marine
image:bb1.jpg|Freud Marine
image:bb1.jpg|Elwes Marine

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Finally getting around to sorting my limited edition collection!


Move along.. nothing to see here...

Limited Editions

The Golden Years 1980's

GW Store Opening and Mail Order Specials

Compendium One Chaos Specials

Compendium One Competition Winners

Citadel Collect Counter Miniatures

Late 80's Early 90's

Numbered Limited Editions

Unnumbered Limited Editions

Rogue Trader Limited Editions

Later Limited Editions

1990's Limited editions

The Modern Limited Editions

Games Day Specials

Events and Promotions (PR's)

Games Day Specials

White Dwarf Subscription Specials

Army Box Set Specials

Battle Games In Middle Earth (BGIME) Specials

Skulz Specials

ForgeWorld Specials

GW Staff Specials

Competition Trophy's


Citadel Specials

Everything Else!