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(Events and Promotions (PR's))
(Events and Promotions (PR's))
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image:bbpr20front.jpg|PR20 Archaon on Foot (GD 2004)
image:bbpr20front.jpg|PR20 Archaon on Foot (GD 2004)
image:bbpr21front.jpg|PR21 Valten, Exhalted of Sigmar on Foot (2004)
image:bbpr21front.jpg|PR21 Valten, Exhalted of Sigmar on Foot (2004)
image:bbpr22front.jpg|PR22 Space Marine Veteran Aurelius (GD 2005)
image:Bbspacemarineveteranfront.jpg|PR22 Space Marine Veteran Aurelius (GD 2005)
image:bbpr23front.jpg|PR23 Wood Elf Hero (2005)
image:bbpr23front.jpg|PR23 Wood Elf Hero (2005)
image:Bbdaemonslayerfront.jpg|PR24 Daemon Slayer (GD 2006)
image:Bbdaemonslayerfront.jpg|PR24 Daemon Slayer (GD 2006)

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Welcome! Come on in, sit yourself down and have a browse!

Here is a selection of some of my painted Citadel/GW collection.

The Painters

Well…I have been known to pick up a brush now and then ;-) but I’m only responsible for about 0.1% of what you see below!... I have however been very lucky to secure the services of some astonishingly talented artists (In no particular order)

Matt Versani, Steve Dean, Rob Cardiss (Demonherald), Chris Borer, Rune Kappel, Roy Scorer, James Wappel, Rob Jones, Jeremie Bonamant Teboul, Borja Garcia de Diego, Tammy Hayes, Matt Parkes, The WRF Team, Andrew Taylor, Brett Johnson, The Chest Of Colours Team, Chris Southern, Gabriele Serrini, Milosz Brendel, Jarrett Lee, Martin Legg of Bodmodels, Julien Casses, Paul Whittaker of Griffin Painting, Mike McVey, Matt di Pietro, Jakob Rune Nielsen, Malcolm Garbett, Kevin Dallimore, Ivan Bartleet, Victoria Lamb, Alessio Cisbani (Wolfbane), Laurent Exposito Mas, Tim Lison, Angelo di Chello, Francesco Farabi, Alessio Sorbo, Marco Pescini, Jen Haley,

I hope these pictures will inspire you to get those minis painted!!



Move along.. nothing to see here...

Limited Editions

The Golden Years 1980's

GW Store Opening and Mail Order Specials

Compendium One Chaos Specials

Compendium One Competition Winners

Citadel Collect Counter Miniatures

Late 80's Early 90's

Numbered Limited Editions

Unnumbered Limited Editions

Rogue Trader Limited Editions

Later Limited Editions

1990's Limited editions

The Modern Limited Editions

Games Day Specials

Events and Promotions (PR's)

White Dwarf Subscription Specials

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