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The aim of this page is provide individual code numbers, names and reference information for the Citadel Chaos Dwarf line of Big Hatter (Big Hats) sculpted by Alan Perry (one half of the Perry twins). Known as Big Hatters because, well, they each got a whopping Big Hat! I thought these were rubbish and daft looking when they came out. Looking back now, they are incredibly striking when painted up and the having a big hat made them very noticeable and remembered for the period. There were various articles on the big hatter Dwarves in White Dwarf, which appeared in issues 161, 162, 163, 164, 165 and 170. These were then put together, with a few extras, in the white Dwarf Presents army list that came out in 1994. Big hat adverts appeared in the black 1993 catalogue through to the 1998 catalogue.

For the earlier versions non Big Hat Dwarfs (D3, C16 etc), please see here:

Chaos Dwarf Axemen 1992

A right meaty axe on these guys.

Chaos Dwarf Axemen 1995

A harder to find miniature, and shown in Games Workshop's US Catalogue and Hobby Reference 2004-05 edition. I perceive that these were more available in release in the US, and not so in the UK. that said, be wary as they are sold on E-Bay in large amounts by the same old sellers,.... you know the ones.

Chaos Dwarf Axemen 1995 (Plastic)

Citadel also produced an Axe trooper in plastic.

Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss 1992 & 1993

Chaos dwarves with very sizeable black powder weapons. The Front Row (F/R) came out in 1992 and the Rear Row (R/R) troops came out the year after. That said, one of the R/R actually states 1998 on it, which is clearly an error. I believe that the rules showed, and best game use, was to have these troopers lined up in two rows. This was an issue due to the small 20mm base size that these Big Hatter gunners were on due to the large firearm that they were pointing. This meant that the early release of them (in the aiming position) would not line up well, unless you had them all on the diagonal slot in the base, which looked a bit crap! The later issue of the R/R changed that, as they then fitted together nicely as a unit.

Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs 1992

These came out in 1992. There are only two Bull Centaur bodies, each of two different halves (so four different parts in total). There are 8 different Big Hatter torsos. It may seem that there are only 7 Big Hat trooper upper torso bodies but this is because only 7 are shown in the Games Workshop catalogues. Bull Centaur Axe 3 actually has two variants, that are incredibly similar. There is the variant shown in the catalogue and another that has a rivet on the front of the helm, at the top of the arrow. Other differences in the big helm are rivets around the back, where it sits on his head, and most noticeably his arm is holding his axe at a different angle (although that is more difficult to spot). I believe that the V1 'Rivets' variant is harder to find. If you are collecting these, then you'll need to look at the earlier catalogues, as Citadel dropped one of the Centaur torsos in the Citadel 1998 catalogue.

Chaos Dwarf Rocket Launcher 1992

Designed by Alan Perry and Norman Swales. The Rocket Launcher came in six parts. Left Base (75820/3), Right Base (75820/4), rocket Launcher (75820/4), Crank (75820/4) and two of the standard Plastic Spoked wheels (100557).

Chaos Dwarf Command 1992 & 1993

Chaos Dwarf Heroes 1992 & 1993

Chaos Dwarf Astragoth High Priest of Hashut 1994

A great little miniature of a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer. A four part miniature Body (75885/1), Right Arm (75885/2), Left Arm (75885/3), Exhaust and Banner Poles (75885/4).

White Dwarf Presents Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs Supplement 1994

A compilation of Chaos Dwarf articles from Games Workshop's White Dwarf magazine. Some of the information was 'tidied up' for the publiction and there was a little newly added material. The cover art was done by Dave Gallagher with the black and white art by John Blanche and Mark Gibbons. A worthy purchase as it had some great Eavy Metal articles in there and the very useful Chaos Dwarf banners.