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Undead Warband Box

The following figures were originally available as a boxed set

Undead Warband Blisters

Mordheim Zombies

The original Undead warband was supplied with a Warhammer plastic zombie sprue. A range of Mordheim specific zombies representing zombified Mordheim characters was later released by Specialist Games. The four human zombies replace the plastic zombie sprue in the Specialist Games box still available as of October 2008.

Mordheim Ghouls

The original Undead warband could include ghouls but no specific models were made at first. A range of Mordheim ghouls was later released by Specialist Games.

Repurposed Classics

Some figures were repurposed for Mordheim although not originally designed for the City of the Damned.

2004-2005 US Catalog & Hobby Reference

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