Speciality Set - Champions of Chaos (SS1)

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In the early 1980's Citadel produced a series of boxed sets known as Speciality Sets. Two of these Speciality Sets came with a random selection of heads, weapons and shields (SS1a) and a random selection of weapons and shields (SS5a)

The "Champions of Chaos" Speciality Set (SS1a) came with a random selection of 12 heads, 12 shields and 3 loose weapons. The aim of this research page is to identify the shields and weapons that were provided with this set.

Some of the components of these sets (especially the weapons) appear to vary in size alone, so it would be useful if you could provide a scale rule in your images.

The Champions

The Heads

The Shields

The Weapons

Warriors of Chaos (SS1b)

There were 2 versions of this set - the figures from the second set were one piece castings.