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Marauder Dark Elf Cavalry (both MM71 Doomdrakes and MM72 Doomsteeds) included a bewildering array of mix-and-match legs, torsos, right arms, mounts and ramage. The range is reasonably well-documented in the Marauder catalogue, but Torso variant F and the set of hands/crossbow that go with it are left out. This page displays images of all the variant components. A complete blister would include: A mount (either a Doomsteed or a Doomdrake), a set of legs, a torso (with head & left arm attached), a right arm (with weapon), a spear & saddlebag, a crossbow & quiver, a plastic Marauder Dark Elf shield and a base. Torso variants A & F do not have shield lugs and were not packaged with a shield. Torso variant F used the same repeater crossbow bit as Marauder MM73 Scout type C. The riders from this range were briefly packaged with plastic unarmored Empire horses (on which they didn't fit) at the beginning of 4th edition Warhammer.



Arms With Weapons



Marauder Dark Elf Shield Sprue

4th Edition Warhammer "Bastard" Blister