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DW1 The First Doctors

DW2 The Later Doctors

DW3 Daleks

DW4 Cybermen

DW5 Ice Warriors

DW6 U.N.I.T. Troops

The UNIT troopers were produced with a number of head variants. It seems that, after the original two figures (one firing, one advancing) were produced, a number of the castings were re sculpted with a new head in green stuff. These were then cast to create the variants.

The variants can be difficult to distinguish and it generally requires a close look at both the front and the side views to tell them apart.

DW7 Adric, Leila, Sarah Jane

DW8 Davros, Engineer Dalek, K9

DW9 Time Lords

DW10 Sea Devils

DW11 Jo Grant, Romana, Turlough

Plastic Dalek & Cybermen Box Set