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In the mid-1980s, Citadel Miniatures held the license to produce figures based on fantasy author Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series of novels. These figures were nominally produced for use with the STORMBRINGER! fantasy roleplaying game. When Citadel lost the Eternal Champion license, many of the Melnibonean figures were recycled into the Citadel High Elf range and some of the Pan Tangians briefly appeared as part of the Citadel Chaos line. A few of the Melnibonean Personalities figures were recycled into the Empire line.

BC5 Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion

EC05 Personalities

EC06 Melnibonean Cavalry

EC06 Melnibonean Cavalry figures shared a couple of the barded horse figures with the then-current Citadel High Elf line.

EC01 Melnibonean Infantry

EC02 Pan Tangian Infantry

EC04 Pan Tangian Tiger Handlers

DRAG7 Dragon Masters

The figures in the DRAG7 Dragon Masters boxed set closely match the design of the Eternal Champion Melnibonean range and may well have been intended to pull double duty as both High Elf and Melnibonean Dragon Rider figures. The set included both a Dragon and an Elven Steed, with a choice of 2 random variant riders. The 4 different riders are shown mounted on the Steed that was included with the set.

Elric Prototype

This figure has one of the longest and most complex distribution histories of any Citadel Miniature. It was released as part of the C01 Fighter line under the name "Weirdling Warrior Lord" (later re-named "Elric Sharp Sword") and also sold as part of the "Tragedy of McDeath" scenario pack under the name "Donaldbane", but it is demonstrably a representation of Elric of Melnibone. Early castings say "Elric" on the slotta tab, and later castings have a blank slotta tab (and poor detail). The figure was also sold as part of the Citadel Collector's series as part of the 1104 Champions pack. In France it was marketed as 'Elric in heavy armour' at one time.

Pan Tangian Spearman

This figure clearly says "Pan Tangian" on the slotta tab, but it was not apparently packaged or sold with the EC02 Pan Tangian range (it was briefly sold as part of Citadel's Chaos range). Presumably, this figure did not make it into the Pan Tangian range before Citadel lost the Eternal Champion license.