High Elves - C08 (solid base)

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The C08 High Elves were amongst the last solid based releases. The range is shown on 2 flyers, 15 on the September 1984 one and 14 on the January 1985 one. Compendium 2 and White Dwarf 59 show a subset of the September 1984 ones. That leaves 5 that are on neither flyer, and a couple of suspects that look like possibly damaged ones. The C33 Elf Hero from January 1985 is also shown. The images are shown in the order from the flyers.

There may still be as-yet undiscovered figures in this series.

September 1984 Releases

January1985 Releases

Unknown Release Date


These may just be missing parts

Other Solid Based High Elves


September 1984 Flyer
January 1985 Flyer