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Citadel’s Huns. First mentioned in Military Modeling Magazine July 1980. Advertised in MMM September 1980. Advertised in the Citadel Catalogs 1980 thru 1982. Sculpted By Michael and Alan Perry. Due to the poor photos of the Catalogs, it is difficult to properly identify these.

The photos here are of miniatures identified by collectors as part of the “Hun” line, and Alan Perry has confirmed that these were sculpted by him and/or Michael. It would require copies of the miniatures still in the carded bag to verify completely.

The line was “Individualized” like the Dark Age and Fantasy Tribes ranges, with varied heads, weapons, and shields.

There appear to be many variations of the Hun Horse with varied equipment. It is unknown if specific horses were sold with specific riders.

If anyone has further knowledge of this line, please email JSA1940@aol.com.

A1 Hun General

A2 Hun Officer

A3 Hun Standard Bearer

A4 Hun Heavy Cavalry

A5 Hun with Javelin

A6 Hun with Bow

A6-2 Hun with Bow (remodeled)

Remodel listed in the flier "Completely Remade! Fantasy Adventurers – Fantasy Specials" (probably around February 1982)

A7 Hun with Sword

A8 Hun Looter with Torch

A9 Hun Looter with Captive Girl

A10 Hun Gothic Noble Cavalry

Hun Horses