Historical - War of the Roses (C26)

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Originally solicited as "War of the Roses", and appeared in Arcane Listings as "C26 Medieval Men-at-Arms" and then in the Citadel Compendium 2 as "C26 Fantasy Men-at-Arms". These were later produced by Wargames Foundry as "War of the Roses". Foundry appears to have released variants on the models also, some which may not have been sold by Citadel. All sculpted by the Perry Twins.

Most of the Line is “individualized”, like the Dark Age and Fantasy Tribes ranges, but to a smaller extent. There are many varients on the Longbowmen, Crossbows, and Handgunners, but other codes only (like the Pikemen) have 3 or 4 versions.

When sold by Citadel, specific poses did not have codes. Specific coding was added by RAFM, when they cast the line. Those codes are used here to better track the range.

In some cases, a photo is placed under a code based on an educated guess. Those are marked as “possibly”. If you find any errors, or can confirm codes for any photos, please email JSA1940@aol.com, or feel free to change the listing yourself.

C-26 01 Longbowmen

C-26 02 Crossbowmen

C-26 03 Handgunners

C-26 04 Peasants with Polearms

C-26 05 Men at Arms with Halberds

C-26 06 Armoured Footmen with Spears

C-26 07 Armoured Footmen with 2 Handed Axes

C-26 08 Officers

C-26 09 Front Rank Pikemen, Armoured

C-26 10 Musician and Herald

C-26 11 Front Rank Pikeman in ½ Armour

C-26 12 Middle Rank Pikeman

C-26 13 Rear Rank Pikemen

C-26 14 Armoured Pikemen in Reserve

C-26 15 Mounted Men at Arms with Lances

C-26 16 Mounted Officer

C-26 17 Mounted Longbowmen

C-26 18 Mounted Crossbowmen

C-26 19 Medium Cavalry with Lance

I believe that the only difference between the Medium and Light Cavalry with lance were the horses. I could be wrong.

C-26 20 Light Cavalry with Lance

C-26 21 Mounted Heralds