Mordheim – Hired Swords

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Original Releases

Repurposed Classics

Some figures were repurposed for Mordheim although not originally designed for the City of the Damned.

2004-2005 US Catalog & Hobby Reference

Town Cryer Era Releases

Arabian Merchant (TC 22)

Warlock (2nd version) (TC 25)

Clan Skyre Rat Ogre (TC 25)

Mordheim Highwayman (TC 26)

Mordheim Roadwarden (TC 26)

Fanatic Magazine Era

Elf Mage (FAN 5)

Kislev Ranger (FAN 6)

Halfling Thief (FAN 7)

Dwarf Treasure Hunter (FAN 8)

Witch (rules TC 13, mini released ????)

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