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Listed Architecture

The following Architecture pieces (both listed and unlisted) can be found by looking within the main Mordheim rulebook, issues of Town Cryer and other publications surrounding Mordheim. The listed pieces were available in the "GW Complete Reference 2006-2007" under the Architecture section while those in the unlisted section were never officially released.

Architecture listed as available in the 2006-2007 catalog pages 624-625.

Several of the windows (Mordheim Window 1, 3, 4 and Mordheim Big Window 3) were renamed and re-released from the old Fantasy Special Series (1980's) windows. Also later included in the Archane Architecture series which was available through out the 1990's these classic pieces received their latest incarnation as Mordheim Windows.

Unlisted Architecture

The architecture pieces shown below are part of the Mordheim / Fantasy range range but were never officially released. Some can be seen in the Mordheim rule book and other Mordheim related publications showing battle scenes and other GW studio scenery. Most pieces can be seen on Vengence of the Vampire diorama.

All are cast in metal and some are identical to the plastic Mordheim box set components supplied with the game. Others have slight variations to the plastics and added detail. Additional architecture pieces can be found here

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