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Per White Dwarf #30 (April 1982): "Now Citadel introduce the Samurai - a range of Japanese Warriors from the 16th Century Momoyama period, suitable for role-playing games and table-top battles..25mm scale."

Sculpted by the Perry Twins, the range was later listed in Compendium 1 as C01 Fighters (Samurai).

The purpose of this page is to show images of the figures only seen as small line drawings of some of the Samurai in the 1982 Flyer Fantasy Tribe Orcs & Samurai, White Dwarf #30, and as drawings in the C01 sections of The First Citadel Compendium as shown on the The Stuff of Legends website.

Note: The range is sometimes referred to as "Fantasy Tribes Samurai" because it first appeared in a Flier called "Fantasy Tribes Orcs & Samurai". However, the "Fantasy Tribes" title was only placed above the "Orcs", and in Citadel catalogs the Samurai were placed with the other historicals, not with the Fantasy Tribes ranges.

SAM 13

Only listed as part of the Ral Partha Imports, but appears to be a variant of (or use the same armature as) the Sheffield Samurai.