Space Marine Transition Collectors Guide

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I've been collecting early Space Marines for years now, and the early 90's sculpts are some of my favorites. Recently I noticed a fair amount of material circulating on the boards regarding Marines from this time period, so I figured I'd get a collector's guide going. We will define "transition marines" as being from somewhere around the '89-'91 period, but some miniatures may lasted in the range a good deal longer. If you have any scans or information to add here feel free. I can be reached through the Yahoo group ( anyone has any questions or comments.

Commanders and Captains

Terminator Honours Marines

Death Eagle Marines

Mark I Marines

Mark II Marines

Mark III Marines

Mark IV Marines

Mark V Marines

Mark VI Marines

Mark VI Transition Marines

Mark VI Marines - Corvus Armour

Mark VII Marines

Mark VII Marines Separate Torso & Legs

Mark VIII Marines

Artificier Armour

Strike Force Marines

Talisman Marine