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Like many of the Rogue Trader releases, the space orks were released at different times and while some figures continued through to the 1991 catalogue, others didn't.

This page catalogues the space ork figures chronologically to December 1991.Where a figure appears in the 1991 catalogue, the reference is shown. The Space Ork Da Boyz by Type - Collectors Guide catalogues the boyz by type (eg boyz with boltas, boyz with flamers etc) while the Space Ork Da Resta Da Mob - Collectors Guide catalogues the other figures (heavy weapons etc) by type and continues with figures released after 1991 until 1997 when Gorkamorka was released. Gorkamorka releases are covered in the Space Ork Den Der Was Gorkamorka - Collectors Guide. Releases from 1998 onwards are covered by the Space Ork Den Der Was More 1998 & Onwards - Collectors Guide