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While most of the Space Orks released from 1987 onwards during the Rogue Trader period later appeared in the 1991 Catalogue, not all figures were carried forward into that catalogue.

The 1991 catalogue pages appear on Stuff of Legends at:

Ork Command

Ork Boyz

Ork Boyz

The figures which were not carried through to that catalogue are shown below together with later releases which do not appear to have been included in the main catalogues and some variants which do not seem to have appeared in any of the listings.

For more detailed coverage of the Space Orks, refer to the Collectors Guides Sections

First Release

Summer 1987 Flyer

Thank You Mr President Flyer

January 1988 Flyer

White Dwarf 97

August 1988 Flyer

Marauder November 1988 Flyer

Interestingly, this obvious Space Ork was only ever shown as part of the MM20 Fantasy Orcs

Book of the Astronomican

The Ork Dreadnought RT204 (and expansion RT206) first appeared in the Book of the Astronomican where the only weapon offered was a las cannon. Shortly after it appeared in White Dwarf 99 where the weapon range was expanded to include a heavy plasma gun, grenade launcher and heavy bolter. In the 1991 catalogue those additional 3 weapons had been dropped and replaced by the standard ork heavy weapons - heavy plasma gun, flamer and missile launcher. Also, by the 1991 catalogue, the original upper torso had been replaced with a part which allowed for a banner to be attached, and the original dreadnought and the expansion were combined as one model.

Rogue Trader Flyer Part Two

White Dwarf 99

These three heavy weapons were added to the armaments for the RT204 Deadnought and RT206 Expansion. By the 1991 catalogue, these had been replaced by the then standard ork heavy weapons.

Rogue Trader Flyer Part Three

White Dwarf 106

White Dwarf 112

White Dwarf 116

White Dwarf 136


1997 USA Only Catalogue

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