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Citadel has a long history of producing spaceship models.

In White Dwarf 19, there was an announcement that Citadel would be selling both Starfleets and MAATAC vehicles. The Starfleets spaceships formed the SB range and the MAATAC vehicles the CT range. These were produced in USA by Superior Models to go with their Starfleet rules. These spacecraft and vehicles are still available from Monday Knight Productions although some of the model names may have changed.

Also, Citadel bought the moulds and rights to the large range of spacecraft produced by QT which were then released by Citadel as their C43 Spaceship and C44 Deadnought Spaceship ranges. Where possible the previous QT model code and description are shown. The QT Rangeis shown in a separate section.

Citadel later went on to produce the Space Fleet range in the early 1990s which was the forerunner to the Battlefleet Gothic range.

Thanks to Steve Casey and Allen Curtis for the information.

Starfleets & MAATAC

Examples of these ranges in Citadel packaging.

C43 Spaceships


Small Fighters

C44 Dreadnought Spaceships