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The purpose of this page is to document the figures in Citadel's Star Trek range. Many of these figures have been illustrated elsewhere, but certain omissions and errors seem to have occured in these listings. Also, there seem to be variants in several lines (e.g. there are at least 3 different poses for Kirk, and 2 for Scotty). Please see the Reference sections on this page for additional information.

It is interesting to note the St9 Security Guards appeared as part of the C100 Spacefarers range on page 59 of the First Compendium, as did some of the Superheroes range.

The Enterprise crew

Alien races


The following texts were consulted in relation to identifying the figures in this range:

- Citadel Miniatures catalogues from 1980 and 1981 (both contain identical adverts for the Star Trek range of figures)

- Sapienza, Jr. John T. "Star Trek Figures from Citadel." Different Worlds: Magazine of Adventure Role-Playing Games, January 1982. 18-20.

A painting guide for the Star Trek figures can be found in the following issue of White Dwarf:

- Yates, Tony and Jackson, Steve. "Star Trek: The Motion Picture- Rules for Adventure in the Final Frontier." White Dwarf: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Games and Miniatures Magazine, April/May 1980. 8-11.


There are potential errors in figure illustration in both the Citadel Miniatures catalogues and the Different Worlds magazine. They are as follows:

- Citadel Miniatures: ST10 seems to illustrate a Vulcan and a Deltan, and not two Vulcans.

- Different Worlds magazine: there seem to be several errors in this publication: The two figures labelled "Security Guards" are probably in fact "Enterprise Crew." The figure labelled "Guard" is in fact one of the "Security Guards."


The following texts were consulted in relation to identifying the figures in this range: