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That big, lovable lug created by Carl Critchlow appeared in his own comic in White Dwarf magazine over the years. Citadel and Games Workshop produced five different versions of Thrud the Barbarian over the years. Now Carl is back to publishing and has five new Thrud comics out there, and Heresy Miniatures now holds the license for producing the miniatures.


White Dwarf Personalities Thrud (solid based)

White Dwarf Personalities Thrud As far as I know, this is the very first Thrud miniature. He was part of the White Dwarf Personalities set, and 1984 appears under the base. The figure seems to be made out of solid lead. It was really tricky to get paint to stick to it, and in homage to the heritage of this piece, I left the integrated base attached, cleverly worked into the scenic base I created.

Limited Edition "Thrud with Axe," LE12

Another very early Thrud.

Thrud with Admirer, LE19

This is the Limited Edition Thrud with Admirer. Yes, those old Thruds sure were ugly. And, to add to the aesthetic, we have his lovely, goat-faced admirer. They do make quite the fetching couple!

Thrud Scratching Head, LE104

Here's a whimsical pose of our favorite hero momentarily stumped by the opportunities that lie ahead.

Bloodbowl Thrud

The last GW Thrud, recently out of production.

Non-GW Thruds

These are the licensed Heresy Miniatures Thrud.

Strolling Thrud is no longer in production, but the Resin Statue is available for pre-order! Heresy Miniatures Thrud Statue


Various miniatures that are reminiscent of Thrud.