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Citadel held the licence to produce the Traveller role playing game during the early and mid 1980s.

While they held the licence, Citadel also produced a range of 15mm scale figures to accompany the game. Initially the figures appeared in boxed sets, each of twenty figures. These were later replaced by blister packs.

The first catalogue in which the boxed sets appeared was the 1982 Yellow Catalogue. The boxed sets also appeared in the 1982 Blue Catalogue and the 1983 Catalogue. By the time the First Compendium was published in late 1983, the boxed sets were no longer available and had been replaced by blister packs, four figures per blister.

During this period, RAFM held the licence to produce Citadel figures for the North American market. The Traveller figures were not sold in the same boxed sets and blisters as sold by Citadel. The Citadel boxed sets were sold in larger baggies with Citadel branding and included a catalogue sheet showing each of the boxed sets and the blister packs produced by RAFM. These larger baggies contained the identical figures to those included in the Citadel boxed sets. The blister packs were not the same as those sold by Citadel and were designed to provide a unit of 20 for use with the Striker game. These packs included a troop sheet.

Interestingly, it appears some of these figures are still available from RAFM