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The purpose of this page is to provide an overview and pictures of the classic slotta Undead Cavalry. Links to the pages of the catalogues on Stuff of Legends page 1 Stuff of Legends page 2 are included on all sections if possible. The C21 Undead line started with the Pre Slotta C21 Fantasy Cavalry of which there were the C21/2 Undead Riders. These were actually prior figures brought into the C21 line, as Citadel moved into more of a numbers catalogue, rather than the descriptive text. The early figures were good but the later Slotta C21 Undead were excellent figures and back then there was plenty of choice for a unit. You could have a whole metal army that was not rank and file looking. Which with Undead was quite realistic, as if you'd just trawled the graveyards. Citadel did release the RRD2 Nightmare Legion around this period (December 1986) which were regimented and closely resembled each other. Two years earlier in 1984 Citadel started the process with the pre slotta RR1 Bugmans Rangers and later units started to look all the same.

Riders - Spring 1986 Flyer A

Of note the Citadel Spring 86 Journal switched around the names of Evilrot and Blackheart. Stuff of Legends

Riders - May 1986 Flyer

Stuff of Legends

Riders - July 1987 Flyer

Stuff of Legends

Riders - 1991 Catalogue

Stuff of Legends page 1 Stuff of Legends page 2

Riders - Collector Series WD-93


Various of the following have variants. Others, such as Lizard / Lizardskin have a 2 piece casting. The latter having a name change on its variant as well, to Lizard Flesh horse. Over the period the catalogues attributed the sculptors as Bob Naismith, Aly Morrison and the Citadel Design team, depending on which page you looked at. The Spring 86 Journal attributed the models shown there to their outrageously Scottish designer Bob Naismith, stating that they were designed to exploit the 'multi part' system in which the horses are cast in two pieces to cut down on weight and cost. An unexpected bonus of this method was that the skeletal horses could be made to look really boney. Their words not mine, but they were great miniatures. Regards the year, the horses slottas show either 1985, 1987 or no year at all. They mainly show 1987. You'll see that they are not advertised until 1986 though. Likely some were designed the year prior but not released until then. None show 1986 though, in fact I cannot recall any Games Workshop miniatures showing a standard stamp with a 1986? I may have seen an inscribed one or two. I am unclear why this is, perhaps it was just laziness, carrying on as was and using the old slotta master, but I do note that one of the horses, Fallen Flesh, was shown in the 86 flyer, but actually showed 1987 on the slotta. So there was also a jump ahead to miss 1986. Odd that. If you look below at (4), this is the two part version and it shows 1985 on the slotta. The later one piece miniature (5) has 1987, so it is likely that the two part versions were designed in 1985 and the later single piece variants were produced in 1987. That would explain it in part. Of note the later version has a shorter tail and also amended detail on the material either side of the saddle.

Limited Edition

Winter 1987 Mail Order Flyer <gallery>


Liche General on Flying Wraith Horse