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Eldar Encyclopedia Index:
Named Eldar Individuals and Units
Battles of the Eldar


Although many Outcasts crave complete escape from the rigours of the Eldar Path they are still Eldar, and most choose to remain loyal to their Craftworld and its traditions. Many choose to accept a mission from their Seers so they can continue to serve their people whilst treading the Path of the Outcast. There are many tasks that would be impossible to accomplish if it were not for the existence of these Rangers. They investigate alien worlds, search for hidden or lost Webway gates and portals, explore new Maiden Worlds and visit unsettled worlds. Sometimes Rangers are sent to recover lost artefacts, or to retrieve spirit stones stranded far from home. The greatest need is for Rangers who simply watch and wait, reporting any sources of danger back to the Craftworld.

Rangers are frequent visitors to the Craftworlds and Exodite worlds. As Outcasts they rarely stay for any length of time in one place, but in times of need the Rangers will flock back to their Craftworlds in order to defend them. Rangers can be easily recognised by their weather-beaten and well-travelled appearance. Most characteristic of all is the long cameleoline cloak or coat, often tied back so that they can move freely and fire off their Ranger long rifles (See Alaitoc; Outcasts).


The Revenant is the Imperial Warhound's counterpart, but is far more sophisticated in its role. The Revenant is a fairly familiar sight when fighting Eldar as its sheer speed and Jump Jets allow it to keep up with the main body of any Eldar attack force and its firepower is often essential for raids against hardened targets. With its disrupting Holo Fields, the Revenant has a disproportionate amount of staying power for a Titan of its size and can harass an enemy's flanks for many hours before being driven off. With supporting Falcon Grav Tanks and Vypers, the Revenant can turn from an annoyance into a lethal force (See Titans; Titan Infinity Circuits; Yarant Wars).


Rhana Dandra is one of the most disturbing myths in the Eldar cycle. It is the equivalent to the human Apocalypse or Greenskin Ragna-Ork, a final cataclysmic battle where entire races will perish. Little is known about the Rhana Dandra other that that spoken of in the mythic cycles of the Phoenix Lords, and that it will be a battle between Chaos and the material universe that will end with the destruction of both. Here, at this final battle, the Phoenix Lords will gather together for the last time. Tradition has it that Fuegan, the Burning Lance will call together the Phoenix Lords together for the Rhana Dandra and that he will be the last of the Phoenix Lords to finally die (See also Asurmen, Baharroth, Fuegan; Jain Zar; Karandras; Maugan Ra; Phoenix Lords; Rhana Dandra [Book Of]).


The Book of Rhana Dandra is located in the Black Library. It is rumoured to contain the details of the location of Uigebealach, linked to Rhana Dandra as when it comes time itself must rupture (see Black Library; Rhana Dandra; Uigebealach)


Rune Armour is worn by Eldar psykers on the battlefield and consists of breast plates, bangles and other ornaments made from wraithbone. These runic shapes are interwoven with spirit stones, creating an energised psychic field which protects the psyker from harm (See Bonesingers; Farseers; Seers; Warlocks).


Wraithbone is used to make small but psychically potent items including runes. Eldar runes are complex interwoven shapes each of which has its own distinct pattern. Because they are made of wraithbone the runes retain a connection with the warp, and have the ability to both direct and contain psychic energy. Small runes are cast upon the ground by Eldar Seers who interpret the pattern and the proximity of one rune to another in order to divine the future. The runes are vital to every Seer because they enable him to focus and direct psychic energy, and by concentrating on a particular rune he can evoke a specific psychic power. The runes also have a protective function which is important to all Eldar Seers. Because the runes are made from wraithbone, which is itself impervious to external psychic energy, they act as simple fuses. If a Seer draws too heavily upon his psychic energies, or if malign forces attempt to reach him while he is in a trance, then the runes will be destroyed severing the psychic connection between the Eldar and the warp (See Farseers; Seers; Warlocks; Wraithbone).