High Elves - C08

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The slottabased line of High Elf figures sculpted by Aly Morrison is fairly well-documented on SOL (Stuff Of Legends). The purpose of this page is to provide quality images and catalogue information on the named figures shown in the Third Citadel Compendium and the Citadel 1988 Catalogue (the range was defined simply as Elves in the 1988 Catalogue and as High Elves only in the Third Citadel Compendium). Elements of this range also made it into the Citadel Scenario packs Blood Bath At Orcs Drift and Terror Of The Lichemaster. This range was also featured in the Heroes For Wargames book published by Paper Tiger press. The Elf Bard Malmir from the Death On the Reik scenario pack and the Elf Villager Avon Limarra from the Blood On The Streets scenario pack are included with this range for reference, but those particular figures were not featured in the Compendium, the 1988 Catalogue or the Heroes For Wargames book.

The Third Citadel Compendium


Citadel 1988 Catalogue


Scenario Packs

Bloodbath At Orcs Drift


Terror Of the Lichemaster


Death On The Reik


Blood On The Streets