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In the Citadel Miniature collecting world, sometimes that precious piece will forever remain elusive, like Gollum scratching his ring and we must be content with a hole in our collection and the bitter sting of incompleteness.

However, some enterprising collectors are happy to have a fake model in their collection to lessen the pain and have commissioned sculptors to copy the original pieces and plug that meddlesome gap with a look alike * - a Schrodinger's miniature, if you will, which either is or isn't what it's supposed to be depending on how you look at it.

While this is technically not recasting (technically it is counterfeiting) and collectors are often open about it and deliberately make noticeable differences between the original and the look alike, some don't. A problem might occur if the model passes to another collector who unknowingly sells it on for a large profit mistakenly believing it to be an original. Since the originals are so scarce it is unlikely they will ever be compared side-by-side with an original and this completely accidental error might taint the hobby for collectors who do not like to knowingly include look alikes in their collection.

The following models are known to be look alike models, maybe available in even larger numbers than the original. You would be wise to discuss the provenance of any similar models with the seller before paying a premium price for any of them just in case a look alike has accidentally been confused with the original.

If you have commissioned such a piece or know of one, please include it in this list so other collectors can appreciate this specialised area of Collecting Citadel Miniatures

- * Thanks to a member of the CCM mailing list for the idea and suggesting this term.