Skeletons - C17 (pre-slotta)

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The Citadel FTS Fantasy Tribes Skeletons line was also later released as C17 Skeletons in the First Citadel Compendium. To complement the CCM FTS page the purpose of this page is to show images of the figures that can be seen as drawings in the C17 sections of the later Compendiums and also the August and September flyers which can be seen here.

Quite a few of these C17 miniatures actually had the name of what they were on the lead base, and Citadel did this with quite a few lines of this period. These newer Skeletal Undead were a big leap forward in design, detail, and quality. They were much larger solid figures than the prior, early, FTS range (as the FTS started to size up around FTS20). They became so much bulkier with the tattered clothing and armour adding strength to the bones of the miniatures. Unlike the early FTS range which were easily damaged because they were so much smaller, quite fine with thin bones and weaker due to this. Lead miniatures of that size were easily knocked about and broken in game play. Just from a looks perspective they were mean and gave so much more detail to paint up. The early FTS were designed by the Perry twins as were these newer C17. I am unclear whether their sculpting skill improved over this period or, more likely, the moulding technology, skill and manufacturing knowledge improved, thus enabling a much better miniature to be made. I do clearly remember at the time that they just looked so much better than the early gaming miniatures and this period really showed a change in what was being produced.

The Third Citadel Compendium 1985 showed the last of the old school C17 Skeletons and most of this catalogue showed the new slotta models (This and the earlier Citadel Journal Spring 1985 spanned the change between preslotta and slotta miniatures) that came with plastic bases, such as the C18 Undead Samurai that were designed by Aly Morrison.

August 1984 Flyer

The Second Citadel Compendium 1984

September 1984 Flyer

The Third Citadel Compendium