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In the USA, RAFM released eleven sets of figures for the Striker Rules for Miniatures which were part of the Traveller range. Each set was released as a pack with a sheet giving the stats for the figures included plus the figures themsleves.

For Sets One to Five, the troop sheet specified Citadel Miniatures and included only standard miniatures from the boxed sets. The Set Six troop sheet includes the RAFM logo and a new figure which did not appear in the Citadel sets but only from RAFM. Interestingly, the base of that figure is inscribed T2-17; while the base markings on the other figures correspond to the same numbers in the Citadel Boxed Sets, this figure is completely different to the equivalent figure in the boxed set.

Striker Set One - Low Tech Infantry Unit

Striker Set Two - Medium Tech Infantry

Striker Set Three - High Tech Infantry

Striker Set Four - High Tech Infantry

Striker Set Five - Imperial Infantry

Striker Set Six - Mercenary Striker Unit

Striker Set Seven - Vargr Mercenary Unit

Striker Set Eight - Aslan Mercenary Unit

Striker Set Nine - Security Unit

Striker Set Ten - Boarding or Landing Party

Striker Set Eleven - Terrorist or Guerilla Unit

In the only example sighted, the figures as shown on the troop sheet did not match the figures supplied.

Figures as per troop sheet

Figures as supplied