Battle Wizards - Unreleased

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Around 1993 Ganes Workshop was involved with a main stream games manufacturer to producer a game involving battle wizards. It has been suggested it may have been intended to be a chariot racing game.

A number of metal prototypes were developed by Games Workshop and delivered to the other manufacturer but it seems the game went no further.

It seems the prototype vehicles may have been further developed by Games Workshop and then released as part of one of the Fantasy Armies.

Vehicle 2 became the Skaven Doom Wheel, Vehicle 3 became the Empire War Wagon, Vehicle 4 became the chariot for Grom the Paunch and Vehicle 5 became Dwarf Death Roller for Blood Bowl.

One can but surmise that the lack of progress in making the game is what lead GW to release the Empire Battle Wizards which appeared in the 1995/6 Catalogue seemingly unrelated to other figures in the range at the time.