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The aim of this page is provide individual code numbers, names and pictures of variant sculpts for the Citadel Chaos Sorcerer line sculpted by Jes Goodwin and Bob Naismith. Where variants of a particular sculpt exist, they may also be found linked to the listing for that individual Sorcerer figure. Be aware, although it is a minor matter, that the names for a few of them changed slightly over time. Likely spelling errors as occurred with various lines Citadel did. Two appear to have very similar names, It's unclear if this is as they are close variations of each other, as many others are. The initial release for this range was in White Dwarf 85 from January 1987 and shows 12 sculpts, followed by another 12 shown on the April 1987 flyer. The 1991 Red Catalog has 24 but omits the version of Varn-Agtk The Pestilant shown in WD85. Varna'Gth The Pestilant shown there is a variation of Azoth Soulflay. Slargash The Defiler also appeared in the Heroes for Dungeonquest Box as Azoth The Faceless.

1991 Red Catalogue

The Red Catalogue shows 24 different sculpts.

WD85 Jan 87 Only

Why this sculpt only appears in WD85 and was not featured in later catalogues is unknown. UPDATE : He appeared in the 1988 catalog

Collectors Series

Several of the CH5 range also appeared in the Collectors Series packaging, Akh'Tokh Daemon Claw and Slargash The Defiler in 1204 Chaos Wizards, Slagroth Vile Staff in 1207 Sorcerers & Familiars, Hutk'Nke and Que'Lequek Madspell in 1211 Necromancers. The two in 1213 Evil Chaos Wizards are variants of Azoth Soulflay and Amon Duul.

Other Variants

These are further variations of of Azoth Soulflay and Amon Duul.