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Warhammer 6th Edition Dark Elves

The Dark Elf range was completely re-worked yet again for 6th edition warhammer with the release of the second Dark Elf Army Book. The range featured many elements sculpted by Chris Fitzpatrick, notably the Cold One Knights, Black Ark Corsairs, Witch Elves and Black Guard Of Naggaroth, plus most Special Character figures. While the range included models for almost all troop types (with dedicated Command figures for each unit type), there was a distinct paucity of generic character figures (no generic Noble or Highborn figures of any kind, apart from the Limited Edition Battle Standard Bearer originally sold with the Boxed Dark Elf army deal, and later through GW's "Skullz" sticker redemption program). The range did include multiple variant Assassin & Beastmaster models.

Dark Elf Warriors

Unreleased Dark Elf Warrior


Dark Riders

Upon their original release (in conjuction with the Tears Of Isha campaign pack) Dark Riders had single-piece Champion & Standard Bearer models and no Musician. When the line was re-released for 6th edition Warhammer, the Champion & Standard Bearer were replaced by 2 multipurpose Command figures that could be assembled as either Champions, Standard Bearers or Musicians. The Repeater Crossbow that comes with each Trooper model was also redesigned, making it slightly smaller. Otherwise the individual (non-Command) Rider models were unchanged from late 5th edition until the present day.

Witch Elves

Unreleased Bare-breasted Witch Elves

Dark Elf Shades

Cold One Chariot


Dark Elf Executioners

Dark Elf Cold One Knights

Unreleased Metal Cold Ones

Dark Elf Cauldron Of Blood

Unreleased "Bathtime" Cauldron Of Blood

Bolt Thrower

Dark Elf Black Guard Of Naggarond

The original 1995 versions were called the Black Guard of Naggaroth. These later versions were titled the Black Guard of Naggarond. Looking at the Games workshop 2008 catalogue, there appear to be only three variants of the Black Guard trooper, but two are not shown. The ones not shown are two part miniatures and are exactly the same as each other, except that the head and hair differ. The slottas for the single casting Black Guards are dated 1999, with the two not shown in the 2008 catalogue having the year 2000 on them. Also there appear to be three variants of Halberd with only two being shown in the catalogue.

Unreleased Dark Elf Black Guard Of Naggaroth

Dark Elf War Hydra

Limited Edition Dark Elf Battle Standard Bearer

Dark Elf Assassins

Unreleased Dark Elf Assassin

Dark Elf Sorceress

Morathi On Dark Pegasus

Malus Darkblade

Limited Edition "Roadshow" Malus Darkblade On Foot

Limited Edition Forge World 54mm Resin Malus Darkblade

Malekith, Witch King Of Naggaroth

Unreleased Malekith On Foot

Beastmaster On Manticore


Mengil Manhide's Manflayers

Chris Fitzpatrick sculpted a completely new range of Mengil Manhide's Manflayer models at roughly the same time as the rest of the Dark Elves before he left GW, but GW sat on the models and did not release them until the Storm Of Chaos campaign event, when they were finally released at roughly the same time as the Dark Elf Cult Of Slaanesh variant army list. This latest range includes Mengil himself, a Musician & Standard Bearer, plus three different variant troopers, all of them male. The Ean Hawkbane Champion character was dropped from the range for this release (purportedly killed and eaten by Mengil).