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Dark Future was a car wars type game based around a Mad Max type universe. Although a car wars game a large number of figures were released to go with it. The game was only available for about two years from 1989 before disappearing.

There seems to have been two sets of releases although the catalogue numbers were consecutive (and given GW usual practice of seemingly random catalogue numbers, one might suspect someone somewhere in the cataloguing department actually turned up for work that day).

Two figures did not appear in the regular White Dwarf or catalogue listings and only showed in the trade catalogues.

The boxed game also included plastic vehicles and a plastic bike.

The figures were not the usual 25mm scale but closer to 20mm or HO scale. It appears this was deliberate so players could use Matchbox and other diecast models, converted using weapons from the weapons sprue supplied with the boxed game.

Figures - First Release

Bikes & Riders - First Release

Figures - Second Release

Figures - Trade Catalogue only

Figures - Second Release Drivers

Bikes & Riders - Second Release

Limited Edition

Plastics from the boxed game

Prototype Playtest Models