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First 40K Releases

Dark Elf Space Trooper

Rogue Trader Space Elves 1987 (RT04)

Shortly after the publication of Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader, GW produced the Book of the Astronomican which contained an army list for Eldar Pirates/Mercenaries. The 1987 Space Elf range included Command squads, field artillery and Dreadnoughts or Eldar robots.

Rogue Trader Space Elf Command 1987 (RT402)

Commanders & Champions

Standard Bearers


Rogue Trader Artillery 1987 (RT404)

Rogue Trader Dreadnoughts & Warbots 1987 (RT403)

Rogue Trader War Walker 1987 (RT403)

Rogue Trader Eldar Artillery 1988 (RT404)

Rogue Trader Jetbikes 1989

Rogue Trader Harlequins

In 1988 the Harlequins were released as a Regiments of Renown box set, which was referred to in the White Dwarf 105 September 1988 advert. This boxed set had really great cover art, which really sold it. The range was later expanded with blisterpacks, which can be seen advertised in White Dwarf 107 November 1988. These Harlequins all have 1988 on the slotta, except for the High Avatar 1 which has 1989. The latter came out as part of the in store limited Skulz promotion, but was later made available with the others. A Jetbike and a Great Harlequin were also made available.

Rogue Trader RTB06 Box Set Harlequins 1988

Rogue Trader Blisterpack Harlequins 1988

White Dwarf 107 and the 1989 Citadel Miniatures Catalogue Part 2 simply advertised these Harlequins as codes, with no names or descriptions. Their first formal identification came in the Citadel Summer '89 Trade Catalogue, though as the Trade Catalogues are prone to errors, the designations below have been taken from the later 1991 Citadel Catalogue Section One (with the conflicting Citadel Summer '89 Trade Catalogue designations shown in brackets).

Rogue Trader Other Harlequins

Rogue Trader Pre-Craftworld Warriors

After a trip up the Nile, Jes Goodwin designed five Eldar models which were clearly forerunners of the later Craftworld Dire Avengers with their bulkier Shuriken Catapults, helmet crests and Powerswords. After WD127, these were rolled into the Guardian range.

Rogue Trader Craftworld Eldar 1991

In 1991, the Eldar became a unique race, steeped in back story, based in part around the designs of Jes Goodwin. The formal structure of a force led by Psykers and comprising of dedicated single-faceted troops supported by Guardian militia has remained unchanged. The figures themselves formalised a design ethic of organic ovoid shapes and elegant weaponry which implied speed, poise and balance.


Dire Avengers

Howling Banshees

Fire Dragons

Striking Scorpions

Swooping Hawks

Dark Reapers

One-Piece Guardians

Metal Guardians with Plastic Arms & Weapons


Revised Grav Platform

Rogue Trader Miscellanous Eldar / Eldar-related

The Rogue Traders Adventurers range included an Eldar Trader, and in line with the humourous concept underpinning the Space Orks, an Eldar imitating Tinboy accompanied a Squat and Space Marine equivalent.