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First Edition

Plastic Sprues

Great Gargants

The first version of the Great Gargant appeared in the 1991 Catalogue with a second version appearing in the 1993 Catalogue as part of the second edition.

The components were largely interchangeable between the two. To see the components associated with each version click on the photo and the components will be shown below.


Second Edition

Great Gargant

Mega Gargant


Kustom Battlewagons



The following vehicles all used the same Tank Chassis Sprue as the Bonebreaka. The superstructure for each was metal.

Epic 40,000 (Third Edition)

Waa-Grodsnik's Wheelz of Death

Plastic Sprues

The plastic mob sprue found in the large full game boxes was cut into two for the Ork Mob Box.

Great Gargant & Gargant

War Buggies

Big Gunz

Fighta Bommerz

Battle Fortresses

Wierdboy Battle Towers




War Traks


Pulsa Rokkits