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The Tyranid army for Epic was, like the Squats, relatively short lived and appeared in only the 1995/6 and 1998 catalogues.

Some models appeared in the 1995/6 and 1998 catalogues with no changes (Tyrannid Swarm Sprue, Trygon, Harridan, Dominatrix).

Some models appeared as in the 1995/6 catalogue and again in the 1998 catalogue but with additional variants (Exocrine, Malefactor, Dactylis, Haruspex, Zoanthrope).

Other models appeared as a single variant in the 1995/6 catalogue but with multiple different variants in the 1998 catalogue (Biovore, Hive Tyrant, Carnifex).

The Heirodule and Heirophant, which shared some components appeared in both catalogues with some additional optional parts in the 1998 catalogue.


Trygon, Harridan, Dominatrix

Exocrine, Malefactor, Dactylis, Haruspex, Zoanthrope






Biovore, Hive Tyrant, Carnifex

Hierodule, Hierophant

Hierodule Components

Hierophant Components

Components common to both