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The Femme Militant range was a personal project by John Blanche of Games Workshop based on his concept artwork and sculpted by a number of sculptors including Werner Klocke, Steve Buddle, Kevin White, Dave Thomas, Brian Nelson and Jes Goodwin. The figures are approx. 40mm high, cast in resin and were first released in November 2006. Further sets were planned but the project was closed down by GW management before they were all released. A set of related male figures was also planned.

The full range was to seen at Femme Militant, but that site is no longer active.


Femme Militants


A couple of these were started, but this is the only one known to have be cast.


12 miniatures were released: Bathorii - Steve Buddle, Cataphractii - Dave Thomas, Cratchyng - Unknown, Gallowglass - Werner Klocke, Gooste - Unknown, Mary Bones - Werner Klocke, Mona Bathorii - Brian Nelson, Panthera - Werner Klocke, Praytorian - Steve Buddle, Pythonne - Jes Goodwin, Ratspyke - Werner Klocke, Varangii - Kev White These were probably released in two batches. The artwork for another 4 exists, Janarius, Plegia, Presbyter and Saucefleem but it is not known whether these were ever sculpted.


sculpted by Steve Buddle


sculpted by Dave Thomas


sculpted by Werner Klocke


sculpted by Unknown

Mary Bones

sculpted by Werner Klocke


sculpted by Werner Klocke


sculpted by Jes Goodwin


sculpted by Jes Goodwin


sculpted by Werner Klocke


sculpted by Kev White


The miniatures were shipped in a tin, with a 40mm base, and foam padding.