Imperial Guard - 1988 to 1994

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This section of the Imperial Guard Collectors Guide starts from the 1988 Catalogue which is when the title Imperial Guard replaced the title Imperial Army.

The guide is in chronological order with each figure shown when it first appeared and details of how it appeared later shown in the figure description.

Where a figure previously appeared as part of the Imperial Army, that is also shown as part of the description.

1988 Catalogue Page 4001 Imperial Guard

1988 Catalogue Page 4002 Imperial Guard

1988 Catalogue Page 4003 Heavy Weapons

1988 Catalogue Page 4004 Pirates & Adventurers

1988 Catalogue Page 4006 Medics

1988 Catalogue Page 4007 Mercenaries & Jet Cycle

1988 Catalogue Page 4008 Devastators

The Landspeeder, although catalogued as Imperial Guard, was only ever released with a Space Marine crew.

White Dwarf 113 May 1989 - Rapier & Sentinel

1989 Catalogue Page 4010 Imperial Guard



Imperial Guard

1989 Catalogue Page 4011 Wounded

1989 Catalogue Page 4012 Rough Riders




The horses have been found in both white and brown plastic.

Jet Cycles


1989 Summer Trade Catalogue

1989 Autumn Trade Catalogue

1991 Blue Catalogue

1991 Arms & Weapons

The figures shown in the 1991 Catalogue used the plastic arms and weapons shown above. The similar weapons sprue with lasguns and heavy bolter sprue was only supplied with squats.

When the plastic arm sprue was discontinued, the arms were made available in metal although it seems these were rarely released in the blister packs. The same metal arms were also used for Necromunda figures.