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1999-2005 Hired Guns and Characters

Graia Pattern Rapier

This variant of the rapier was released by Fanatic as one of the models they inherited. The rules first appeared in Necromunda Magazine #1 and then in Citadel Journal # 43.

Limited Editions

Between 1999 and 2005, the Black Library, the publishing division of Games Workshop released a series of 14 limited edition models depicting characters from Warhammer Monthly and their novels. Each model was sold with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Bounty Hunters


When Fanatic/Specialist Games still supported the peripheral games put out by GW, the releases often tended to be bizarre. The Necromunda special character of Yrthrian Mardawn, a rogue Farseer and his Fire Dragon bodyguard, did not seem to fit the idea of Eldar or the concept of Necromunda. The figures were discontinued in 2004 in the UK, but were still available in the US in 2007.



Ash Waste




Van Saar



These figures were originally released in the early 1990’s as Forces of the Imperium. Three figures appeared in the 1991 Blue Catalogue (power maul, bolter 1 and shotgun 1) with the other four figures appearing in the 1993 Black Catalogue. They then seemed to disappear from the catalogues (although they were available from mail order) until 2004 when they appeared as part of the Necromunda listings.

Chaos Cultists

These figures appeared in the 40K Chaos Marine listings in the 1999 Citadel Miniatures Annual. They later appeared in Gang War as a Necromunda gang.