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Citadel has produced a number of ranges of Oriental (mainly Japanese based) figures over the years as well as the odd Oriental-styled figure in the more traditional ranges.

C01 Fighters Samurai (solid based)

Sculpted by the Perry Brothers, these are classical Japanese Samurai, 25mm in scale and more 'wargames' figures than 'fantasy'. These figures were also released under the Fantasy Tribes designation.

C01 Fighters (slottabased)

This line included two slottabased Samurai figures named Atari & Wolfhead.

FA12 Ninja Assassin with Sword (solid based)

FAC12 Mounted Ninja Assassin With Sword (solid based)

Limited Edition "Sheffield" Samurai (solid based)

This figure was only briefly available as a giveaway to celebrate the opening of the GW Store in Sheffield.

DL1 Oriental Heroes Deluxe Boxed Set (solid based)

DL2 Hobgoblin Warriors Deluxe Boxed Set (solid based)

These figures feature Oriental trappings (they're armed with Katanas and some wear pieces of Samurai armor). Oriental influences continue into later slottabased Hobgoblin releases, up to the present day with the Mongolian-themed Oglah Khan's Hobgoblin Wofboyz.

C05 Oriental Heroes (solid based)

Sculpted by Aly Morrison, they are of the same style as the boxed set and were available until recently from Wargames Foundry. The range has since been discontinued.

C14 Oriental Dragon (solid based)

This figure was also released in the US by Ral Partha.

Bryan Ansell's Heroic Adventurers (solid based)

This boxed set featured a single Samurai named Yamoto-Talishi (mixed in with an otherwise standard party of Western adventurers).

C33 Mounted Adventurers (solid based)

C18 Undead Samurai

OH1 to OH5 - Oriental Heroes

Sculpted by Aly Morrison, these were originally intended to be used with the AD&D Oriental Adventures supplement under license from TSR and then later released as a discreet Citadel range once that license was lost.

C22 Nippon Rocket Launcher

C23 Oriental Ogre

The C23 Ogre line included a single Oriental Ogre figure, sculpted by Jes Goodwin.

Talisman Ninja & Samurai

The Talisman line included two Oriental figures, a Samurai and a Ninja. One of the Samurai Archer figures from the slottabased OH2 range was also sold as a variant figure in some Talisman blister packs.

Citadel Chaos Warriors

The Citadel Chaos Warriors line includes three vaguely Oriental figures, particularly the one named "Sukiyaki the Inscrutable".


Blood Bowl Star Player Hoshi Komi

This line included a single slottabased Ninja Star Player named Hoshi Komi.

Temple Dog Riders

This range contains a single monstrous mount with 3 different variant Riders: A Samurai, an Oriental-styled Hobgoblin, and a (non-oriental) Dark Elf.


Unreleased Beastman Samurai

This figure was sculpted by an employee of GW Japan and was cast in a run of less than 300 pieces and never officially released.

Direct Sales Ninja Ogre Maneater

This figure is currently available from GW as a direct sales exclusive.

Individual (solid based)

Individual (slotta based)