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A few snapshots of some of my Dwarfs. These are some of my GW ones, not all as lots are still in blisters. Just 4 figs to go before its completed and I'll have one of every metal Fantasy Slotta Dwarf GW have released since 1985. One day I'll photograph all my Dwarfs including the hundreds from other manufacturers, I just have the Rackham ones done for now. And incase you were wondering, I have given up hope of ever having them all painted. Below is a picture of my latest work, this one isnt finished yet and its chipped in a couple of places. Also my first attempt at doing gems and it went badly....I'll redo them when I get better.

GW Collection

Latest Work

Figures I still Need

Rackham Collection

Large Dwarf Icons (Unusual items)

"Perv" Miniature - Sculpted by John PoshGoblin Pickford - Painted by atacam

Limited to 20 copies, cast in metal