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The Legend of Kremlo the Slann

First published in Compendium 1. All the minis were solid based and designed to complement the exisitng C32 Slann range.

The Magnificent Sven

This was a scenario published in the centre of the Battle Magic booklet in 2nd edition Warhammer. The 12 page pullout included a template for the Steam Paddleboat 'Voltsvagn'. All the miniatures were slottabase. The boxed set also included coloured 2-sided cutouts for all the main characters (although 3 were left in black and white to colour yourself).

Blood Bath at Orcs Drift

The miniatures below are those listed (in order) on the Blood Bath at Orc's Drift special offer leaflet. Where applicable, a link to a catalogue page on Stuff Of Legends for the miniature in question is provided.

Blood on the Streets

Terror of the Lichemaster

Vengeance of the Lichemaster

The Tragedy of McDeath

Shadows Over Bogenhafen

Death on the Reik