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From looking at a number of greens and also a number of released figures, it seems Citadel made the lives of sculptors easier by casting metal examples of weapons, helmets, ammo pouches and other items which could be used on multiple figures. These metal items could then be used by sculptors on a number of figures without having to resculpt a similar or identical item for several figures.

The items shown in this section all seem to be examples of these sculptors aids. Some have been clearly identified as being used on a number of figures, others only on one figure and some have not been identified at all. Some of the known examples of the use of aids are shown in the notes to each. If you can help with any of the last, it would be appreciated.

Based on the known usage, it seemed these dated from around 1985 but Dave Sabs has advised at least some of these were available a lot earlier - in 1981.

Identified Weapons



Other 40k

Judge Dredd

Identified Other Items

Unknown Chaos Weapons

Although it is reasonably clear these weapons were designed for Chaos 40K or some other sci-fi alien race, no examples of these used on or with a figure have been sighted.

Unknown Other Weapons and other items