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The Citadel FTS Fantasy Tribes Skeletons line was also released as C17 Skeletons. The purpose of this page is to show images of the figures only seen as drawings in the C17 sections of The First Citadel Compendium and to add to the small pictures of some of the Fantasy Tribe Skeletons and a few variants at The Stuff of Legends. The miniatures were sculpted by Alan and Michael Perry.

FTS1 Skeleton advancing with Sword and Shield

The Fiend Factory FF52-1 Skeleton Warrior also appears here as it is very similar to the line. A noticeable difference is that it has a smaller shield, which is wood. The FTS1 miniatures have a larger hide or leather covered shield and their pre slotta base has a speckled detail on it (you can often distinguish a Citadel pre-slotta figure from the base. The FF base has a smaller scored or cut detail on it.

FTS2 Skeleton attacking with Scimitar

FTS3 Skeleton attacking with Sword

FTS4 Skeleton charging with Spear

FTS5 Skeleton attacking with Axe and Shield

FTS6 Skeleton with Bow

FTS7 Skeleton swinging Club

FTS8 Skeleton advancing with Pitchfork

FTS9 Skeleton attacking with Dagger

FTS10 Skeleton hacking with Sword

FTS11 Dwarf Skeleton with Axe and Shield

FTS12 Halfling Skeleton with Dagger and Shield

FTS13 Skeleton King

FTS14 Skeleton Priest

Of note variant two is sized up bigger than V1 and V3. Variant two is 3mm taller and is noticeably bigger all over. Also, it is possible that the V1 and V4 shown below are the same figure, just that V1 is very degraded.

FTS15 Slain Skeleton

FTS16 Skeleton Lord

FTS17 Grim Reaper

FTS18 Standard Bearer of the Legions of Hell

FTS19 Skeleton with Sickle

FTS20 Stalking Skeleton in Chain Mail

FTS21 Skeleton Warrior

FTS22 Skeleton Rider on Hell Horse

FTS23 Skeleton Baron In Plate on Zombie Horse

FTS24 Skeleton with Bone Crusher Mace & Shield

FTS25 Skeleton with Haunted Axe and Shield

Other Pre-Slotta Skeletons