Space Marines - 1985-1988

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This section of the guide covers 1985 to the 1988 catalogue.

It is common for figures to be renamed in this period. Where a figure appears in the 1988 or later catalogues, this is shown in the figure description.

September 1985 Flyer - Final Chance!

This is the earliest known reference to this miniature, though the flyer implies that the figure had been on sale previously.

August 1986 Flyer - C100 Imperial Marines

September 1987 Thankyou Mister President Flyer - RT01 Space Marines

September 1987 White Dwarf 93 - RTB01 Imperial Space Marines

November 1987 White Dwarf 95 - Dreadnought Armour

The folks making the 1988 Catalogue evidently got their left and right confused. The Left Single Bolter Arm did not appear in the 1991 Catalogue.

December 1987 White Dwarf 96 - Jet-Cycles and Christmas Marines

The Christmas Marines were called Spaced-Out Marines in the Winter 1987 Mail Order Flyer.

Warhammer 40,000 Chapter Approved - Book of the Astronomican

Devastators boxed set RTB3, included an Imperial Speeder (Spae Marines), Tarantula (Imperial Army), and Mole Mortar (Squats). The only weapon optionwas a top-mounted multi melta; the heavy plasma gun and heavy bolter were introduced later.

Imperial Commander RT105

Known as "Lord Macragge (Ultra Marine Commander)" in the 1991 Catalogue.

Vincent Black Shadow Bike RT106

February 1988 (?) Rogue Trader Flyer Part 1: RT6 Marine Heavy Weapon

March 1988 White Dwarf 99 - RT101 Imperial Space Marines