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The Superheroes range appeared in the 1982 catalogues but had disappeared by the 1983 catalogue. They became the Champions (C) range in the first 1982 catalog, but were again Superheroes in the second 1982 catalogue, although the C codes remained.

The SH7 range of adventurers were renamed as "Villain with hand weapon".

Like many of the ranges from that period many variants never appeared in the catalogues. It was a "individualised" range in that many different heads were cast on the same bodies.

The few catalogue pictures all show the SH3 Superheroines in the pose shown as the First Type below. It was thought for some time that the Superheroines in an entirely different pose were an unlisted category of miniature. However, a mint bag has been sighted which clearly indicates the variant pose were also sold as SH3 Superheroines. These are shown below as the Second Type.

It is interesting to note some of the Superheroes range appeared as part of the C100 Spacefarers range on page 59 of the First Compendium, as did the ST9 Security Guards from the Star Trek range.

SH1 Male Superheroes

SH2 Cloaked Superheroes

SH3 Superheroines - First Type

SH3 Superheroines - Second Type

SH4 Cloaked Superheroines

SH5 Armoured Superheroes

SH6 Special Agents

SH7 Adventurers

Unlisted prototype?