The Two Towers

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This page is part of the Lord Of the Rings - 2001 Onwards Collectors Guide

November 2002

Heroes of Helm’s Deep Box set

The Fighting Uruk-Hai Plastic Box Set

Riders of Rohan Plastic Box Set

Merry & Pippin vs. Grishnakh

Haldir’s Elves with Bow

Haldir’s Elves with Sword


December 2002

Warg Attack Box Set

Warg Riders Plastic Box Set

Warg Riders Box Set


Gandalf on Shadowfax

Treebeard Mighty Ent Box Set

January 2003

Warriors of Rohan

Uruk-Hai Siege Troops

Uruk-Hai Siege Ballista

Uruk-Hai with Crossbows

Uruk-Hai Berserkers

Uruk-Hai Battering Ram

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