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Hey Tonym- I've noticed that you're taking my contributions, renaming them and posting them without my comments. Is that fair? I mean, shouldn't you just put up my contributions onto a page and leave the credit to the person who first contributed them? I'm disappointed that I spent an afternoon adding pics to this site only to have you relabel them and resubmit them yourself.

Reply from Joe

Tony is adding them to the appropriate pages and as he does it seems he is renaming them to fit the naming scheme used by the other pics. Unfortunately you cannot rename an image page so the only way to effect it is to upload them again which puts his name on them. If you look at Special:Unusedimages you will see all the images you uploaded are still there ...

p.s I doubt Tony would even see this as I haven't told anyone about the 'talk' facility ir user pages yet as folks are just coming to grips with uploading and editing pages. At this stage, you are far better off posting a message on the list or if you wish to keep it private, send him an email directly.