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Citadel released the pre slotta Fantasy Tribes Zombies in WD32 Aug 1982. They were only 30 pence each, big money back in the day! Most are 28mm, from the tabletop to the top of the head. As you'll see there were a LOT of different variants to quite a few of the bodies in the range. So if you are a collector, going after this full set will keep you very busy. There were 8 different Zombies, all of which could have come with one of 27 different head variants and if that was not enough, you could also buy separate heads for conversions. No one really knows just how many variants there are out there and it's known that one variant has the same head, but is looking a different way.

Richard (OrcLord) discussed this line with both the Perrys and Bryan Ansell. The story is that they made a bunch of bodies, weapons and heads and sat around one day mixing and matching to create variants. They did not systematically create all variations, but randomly a few of this and a few of that. When the moulds went bad, that figure was cut out, and when they needed new moulds they just made some more. This process was originally referred to in White Dwarf 23 February March 1981 (WD came out every two months back then), regards the Fantasy Tribe lines. Initially it was referred to as the figures being personalised. Later when Bryan Ansell wrote the introduction in the Citadel Dragon catalogue 1983 he mentioned this process being done on the C series. He used the term "individualised figures" and stated that this concept would be carried out on the entire range, creating literally thousands of new models. He wasn't wrong there!

The Citadel FTZ Fantasy Tribe Zombies line were later shown in the Citadel Dragon catalogue 1983 under the C19/1, C19/2 and C19/3 descriptor, and then again in the 1st Citadel Compendium 1983 under the C19 reference. The purpose of this page is to show images of the miniatures only seen as drawings in the C19 section of Citadel Compendium 1 and to add to the small pictures of some of the painted Fantasy Tribe Zombies at The Stuff of Legends. If you have one in a different body pose that is not on the page, but looks like he should be, then check out the Zombie that's shambling out of the Fiend Factory (FF) range. FF30-2 from 1982 fits this range perfectly.

FTZ Close up pictures of the heads

Each body's variant has been placed in the same order down the page for ease of recognition. The bodies names are correct as per the Citadel catalogues, but the names that I have used to describe the individual head type are not official Games Workshop Citadel names. They are just to describe the head so it can be more easily recognised and remembered. A full description has also been given as some of each heads features may not be present due to original mould quality or damage received over time.

FTZ1 Zombie Staggering Forward

This Zombie has it's right arm down by it's side and it's left arm reaching out, as if it's stumbling forward and needs it for balance. It has an open shirt at the front with it's guts hanging out.

FTZ2 Zombie Attacking

This Zombie has it's right arm up, with it's hand above the head, as if ready to claw down at someone. The left arm is across the body as if it has just swiped out at a terrified adventurer. The ragged shirt it wears has holes and is completely open on it's right side. An excellently detailed miniature, as the sculptor has spent time thinking about the movement of the clothing. Looking carefully, you'll see that the right shirt sleeve has slipped down showing the forearm, as it would naturally hang like this, but the left shirt cuff is billowing out, showing the movement of the arm inwards and upwards to the body. The torso itself, is twisted correctly for the swipe, and the legs are in a good balanced position for the attack. Very cleverly designed, but you'll find some natural movement details like this are missing in even some of the latest miniatures brought out by some manufacturers.

FTZ3 Zombie with Club

This Zombie has it's right arm holding a basic wooden club with it's left arm down by it's side. The lower chest area is rotted away exposing the inner organs and it's legs looks like they are buckling at the knees as the creature stumbles forward.

FTZ4 Zombie with Butcher's Knife

This Zombie has it's right arm holding a knife with it's left arm down by it's side. The ragged shirt does not cover the left shoulder and is open at the front, showing it's chest area. This area is quite emaciated and you can clearly see the rib cage under the skin.

FTZ5 Zombie with Axe

This Zombie appears to be moving forward carrying the axe close to the body.

FTZ6 Zombie with Butcher's Cleaver

This Zombie has it's right arm holding a cleaver with it's left arm down and around to the front. The ragged shirt is open at the front, showing it's chest area.

FTZ7 Zombie with Spiked Club

This Zombie has both arms holding long handled spiked club. It is not wearing a shirt at all and the right trouser leg is virtually completely missing. Due to these being made in soft Lead, I think you'll find quite a few will have the end of the club broken off over the years.

FTZ8 Slain Zombie

FTZ9 Assorted Zombie Heads

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